Bonefish Bitter: HD Bonefish Flies Part Five

“The bonefish bitter is another classic fly that works just about anywhere bonefish swim…so I am told.” – Capt. Jesse Males 

Over the past month or so I have been working on taking you guys through all the flies I will be tying for a bonefish trip coming up. This is Part Five of the series and features a Bonefish Bitter whipped up on a #8 Daiichi 2546.

bonefish bitter fly
Bonefish Bitter Fly

If this is your first time tuning in, you can view all the previous parts of this series by clicking the links below!

Par One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four!

This fly is pretty much the smallest fly you will ever see me tie. When it comes to fishing spooky bonefish is skinny water, it takes small flies to keep from spooking them upon entry.

The recipe for this fly is pretty simple. All your ingredients are listed below.

  • Hook: #8 Daiichi 2546
  • Thread: Danville Flat Wax Nylon, Olive
  • Wing: EP Fiber
  • Wing: Pearl Krystal Flash
  • Legs: Barred Micro Legs
  • Eyes: Small Silver Bead Chain
  • Body: Loon UV Gel Mixed with Green Glitter

Finally, here is the HD Fly Tying Video that I have put together for this fly. I hope you enjoy it!

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Keep your hearts right, and your lines tight!

Capt. Jesse Males

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