Kayak Fishing For Marlin Costa Rica

“When it comes to crazy things you can do in a kayak, fishing for marlin in Costa Rica is certainly at the top  of the list!” – Jesse Males A few months back my guiding service 506 Outdoors was asked if we would be interested in assisting Colby Blackwell from Tandem Kayak Fishing during his trip kayakContinue reading “Kayak Fishing For Marlin Costa Rica”

Foxy Deceiver HD Fly Tying: Backwater Vlog Episode Six

“The Foxy Deceiver fly is a spin off from one of the best saltwater flies ever created, the Deceiver.” – Jesse Males The Foxy Deceiver fly is very simple to tie and uses mostly natural materials to build the tail, body, and head of the fly. Since it is used mostly on larger saltwater fishContinue reading “Foxy Deceiver HD Fly Tying: Backwater Vlog Episode Six”

Fly Fishing Tarpon In Costa Rica “EL POONADOR”

Fly fishing for tarpon in Costa Rica can provide some of the most epic moments in fly fishing!