What I Am All About

I’m Jesse Males, an avid fly fishing, snook snatching, kayak paddling, tarpon slaying, mountain hiking, manatee swimming fool from Central Florida currently living the high life in the jungles of Costa Rica.


I am a father, a husband, a fly tyer, and passionate outdoorsman. Not only am I the owner of Backwater Fly Fishing, but also the fly tyer at my online fly shop, www.backwaterflies.com.

In addition to spinning bugs for money I am one of the guides/owners of the adventure guide service in Costa Rica, 506 Outdoors. We offer jungle trout fishing, machaca fishing float trips, pacific coast kayak fishing, as well as overnight beach camping tours to remote sections of the country.

Overall, this site is an outdoor enthusiast’s way of sharing some of his findings, in hopes to encourage others to get up off the couch and enjoy nature at its best. If you have any questions about the information on this site or about fly fishing in general, please comment below or send me an email and I will be happy to help in any way that I can. Thank you for checking out Backwater Fly Fishing

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Capt. Jesse Males

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  1. Wil Maxwell says:

    Brown trout fishing barefoot, putting us mountain folks to shame! Enjoyed the videos, Jesse. I look forward to checking out more in the future.

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    1. Jesse M says:

      Thanks Wil, keep in touch man.


  2. Steve Culton says:

    Love the tail on that trout. Pristine.


  3. Kyle Sanders says:

    Hey! That’s a nice bass! Thanks!

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    1. Elida says:

      Frankly I think that’s abtlsuleoy good stuff.

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  4. Hit me up if you ever make it to NE Ohio, “Steelhead Alley”. While FL probably would win overall, there’s some fantastic fishing on Ohio’s north coast.


    1. I have always wanted to get out and chase some steelhead. Looks like a blast. What are the best months for chasing them up there.

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      1. It is very weather dependent, usually around Thanksgiving (late November) to early/mid May.


  5. flymastery says:

    Capt Jesse, great pics, great color, and nice fish! Would like to share your story and site through Fly Mastery. Send me some flies and I’ll share them with my readers here in South Florida! Your Backwater site has some amazing photography – nicely done. Capt JD Hess, Editor, Fly Mastery – http://flymastery.com/

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  6. Kirk Messer says:

    Just posted on your Facebook re a possible mutual benefit .Will be living at Rancho Margot,10 min from El Castillo on Lake Arenal
    Will have a 17 ft bass boat,fly fishing only,catch and release


    1. Hey Kirk, shoot me an email to backwaterflyfishing@yahoo.com so we can chit-chat. When will you be moving to costa rica?


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