HD FLY TYING VIDEO: Bonefish Flies, Part One

“Your requests have been heard! The next ten or so HD Fly Tying Videos will be focusing only on bonefish flies!” – Capt. Jesse Males

Since I am in the process of whipping up bonefish flies for a trip to Honduras, I thought I would take you all along for a ride by doing a HD Fly Tying Video for each fly that is going in my box.

That means the next 10 HD Fly Tying Videos, or possibly more, will be focusing only on the bonefish flies that I am stocking up on for my trip.
bonefish fly

The first fly in this series is one I call the Backwater Mix’n Match Bonefish Fly. It is a mash up of ingredients from the Gotcha and Crazy Charlie with a few legs thrown on it. Looks to me like it should get the job done.

Watch the HD Fly Tying Video below to get the low down on this pattern.

As you can see by the video the fly only takes a few steps to complete. The material list for this fly is shown below.


  • #6 Daiichi 2546
  • Shrimp Pink Thread
  • Small Lead or Bead Chain Eyes
  • Pink, Flat Diamond Braid
  • Pink Calf Tail
  • Pink/Clear Rubber Legs
  • Pearl Krystal Flash
  • Loon Hard Head

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Keep your hearts right, and your lines tight!

Capt. Jesse Males

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