Crazy Charlie Bonefish Fly: HD Bonefish Flies, Part Four

The Crazy Charlie bonefish fly needs no introduction, so lets cut the fluff and get right to the good stuff!

This fly is a legend in the art of chasing bonefish on the fly. As I gear up for a bonefish trip to Honduras I am taking everyone on a fly tying journey as I fill my fly box. This is Part 4 of the my HD Bonefish Fly Tying Videos Series.

Click these links for Part One, Part Two, and Part Three!

Here is our HD fly tying video of the world famous, Crazy Charlie.

If you need a materials list for this pattern. Here you go!

Ingredients include:

  • Hook: #6 Daiichi 2546
  • Thread: Tan Flymaster Plus
  • Eyes: Small Bead Chain
  • Wing: Tan Calf Tail
  • Flash: Tan/Pearl Krystal Flash
  • Body: Pearl Tinsel
  • Body: Clear tubing or ribbing of your choice.

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Keep your hearts right, and your lines tight!

Capt. Jesse Males

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