Baitfish Flies

Here is a list of my best baitfish flies to date! If you have been blessed by my fly tying videos please subscribe to my youtube channel to stay up to date with what is flying off my tying bench!

If you hate tying your own flies and want me to tie them or you, head over to my online fly shop,

Articulated Sculpin


Quick Tarpon Fly

Rattle Buster Baitfish

Polar Fiber Brush Baitfish

Foxy Deceiver Fly


Fat Head Schminnow

Perfect EP Baitfish Fly

Fat Head Floating Minnow

Backwater’s White Lightning Baitfish

FC Megalops Baitfish Fly

The FC Pinfish Fly 

Baby Surf Minnow

Backwater’s Muddler Snook/Tarpon Fly

Craft Fur Baitfish Fly

Thanks for watching the videos for my best baitfish flies!

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Tight lines!

Jesse Males 

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