Polar Brush Baitfish Fly: BACKWATER VLOG #23

“Polar fiber brush is a great way to tie quick and ez baitfish flies that get the job done!” – Jesse Males

Episode 23 of the Backwater Vlog kicks off with a great little baitfish fly that uses the polar fiber brushes to create a great an irresistible pattern that big fish will want to destroy!


With just a few ez steps we were able to turn a bare hook into a fish catching dude in no time. These are the types of flies that you can tie up in 2 minutes and quickly fill up a box for the next month of fishing. Slimming down to a lighter hook like a 1/0 SC15 and then tying them a bit smaller and in different color variations makes the possibilities almost endless and presents many opportunities to use this fly as a redfish and sea trout fly. Oh…and don’t forget about bass, peacock bass, dorado, rainbow bass, pike…well, you get the idea!

I hope you enjoyed the video! Tight lines and happy fishing!

Jesse Males

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