Best Belize Bonefish Fly Pattern: BACKWATER VLOG 22

“This is my best Belize Bonefish Fly Pattern from my trip last year. I was blessed to land 19 fish on this fly in one day of DIY fishing from SUP boards. I hope it works as well for you as it did for me!” – Jesse Males

Belize is a great destination for fly fishing bonefish and permit. If like most people going on destination trips you are looking for the best bonefish fly for that specific area; and when it comes to Belize this fly has you covered!


As you can see this bonefish fly is quite simple to tie and uses common materials that most local fly shops or online. I like to tie it on a #4 and #6 hooks with lead eyes on the #4 and medium bead chain on the #6. While some people may already have their favorite bonefish fly, this is what I am calling my best bonefish fly for Belize.

I hope you enjoyed the video! Now go catch some fish!

Tight lines!

Jesse Males