Fly Fishing Machaca in Costa Rica With Insane Topwater Action

“Fly fishing for machaca is one of my favorite things to do down here in the jungle!” Jesse Males

My fellow 506 Outdoors guide, Micah, and I were able to get out for a day of chasing machaca in one of our favorite local hotspots. We were able to get out on the water, land a good number of fish, and manage to miss all the rainstorms. That, my friends, is a successful day!

Here is a short video of the day featuring some insane topwater fly fishing action!

At our guide service 506 Outdoors we offer our clients the opportunity to hit the rivers in search of these fantastic fish. Fly fishing for machaca gives the angler the chance to hook into a fish that jumps like a baby tarpon and fights hard like and american shad. In fact, it even looks like the perfect blend of a piranha, shad, and baby tarpon.

Aside for the machaca trips we offer overnight camping trips, jungle trout fishing, and day trips for pacific coast kayak fishing.

If you are interested in learning more about our guiding service in Costa Rica, be sure to head over to and poke around for a bit.

Hope to see you guys down in the jungle very soon!

Jesse Males



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