Fly Fishing For Trout In Costa Rica with 506 Outdoors

“Fly fishing for trout in Costa Rica is something every trout angler has to experience.” -Jesse Males

Recently my good friend and fellow guide at 506 Outdoors, Micah Baly, got the opportunity to take a day off and go fly fishing for trout in some of our favorite streams here in Costa Rica. We targeted trout of all sizes and put together a short video showcasing the day. CHECK IT OUT!

As you can see we caught plenty of hungry trout while fly fishing in the middle of Costa Rica’s high mountain jungle. These fish come in all sizes but average about 6-10 inches in length. They fead mostly on small insects and readily take a small dry fly if presented properly.

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If you are coming to visit and want to learn more about fly fishing for trout in Costa Rica, head over and check out our guiding business,

See ya soon!

Jesse Males


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