Baby Tarpon and Backwater Snook on the Fly

During this trip I was able to sneak away and do some serious fishing around some backwater mangrove creeks and ponds. The night before heading out I checked the weather to find that there was not much to choose from. Rain was forcasted for most of the Central Florida area so I knew I was goingContinue reading “Baby Tarpon and Backwater Snook on the Fly”

Why I Love Fly Fishing

When asked what fly fishing means to me, I am often at a loss for words. I love to fly fish because I love the water, and I love the water because it is free, it is true, and it is honest. To be blunt, the water never lies to me. And because of thatContinue reading “Why I Love Fly Fishing”

Wyoming Backwater Fly Fishing

July 31st I woke up and found myself jumping on a plane from Orlando, Florida to Salt Lake City, Utah. Then I scored a sweet cup of coffee and a turkey burger, only to find myself hopping on a smaller flight from Salt Lake to Cody, Wyoming. When I landed in Cody, I had one thingContinue reading “Wyoming Backwater Fly Fishing”