Backwater Baker’s Dozen (Redfish Fly Assortment)

“All flies are hand tied to perfection and guaranteed to get fish to eat.” – Capt. Jesse Males The Backwater Baker’s Dozen (Redfish Fly Assortment) is everything you will need to pursue redfish in your local waters. We have fished these trusted patterns for years in area’s like Mosquito Lagoon, Indian River, Crystal River, and Ozello, Fl.Continue reading “Backwater Baker’s Dozen (Redfish Fly Assortment)”

“Top 4” Redfish Flies

Fly fishing is about growth. Not just as an angler, but also as a person. It follows you along in your travels, and camps out with you when you decide to plant your roots. Every fish has its challenge and every fish has something new to teach you. So far, by chasing redfish on theContinue reading ““Top 4” Redfish Flies”