“I told everyone I would give you all a look into my tying desk/room so you could see where all the magic happens…well…that time has come!” – Jesse Males Prior to filming this video I had been working on dozens and dozens of flies for my online fly shop http://www.backwaterflies.com, so when it came timeContinue reading “WHAT IS IN MY TYING DESK?”

EL POONADOR TARPON FLY: Backwater Vlog Episode Four/Five

“EL POONADOR is a tarpon fly that just looks and screams POON. Wether you are in the backcountry or the flats, these lil dudes will get some fish on the line!” – Jesse Males I originally whipped up this fly as a fly for peacock bass down in the amazon. However, after tying a fewContinue reading “EL POONADOR TARPON FLY: Backwater Vlog Episode Four/Five”