New Fly Fishing Video: Five Feet High And Rising

Here is the latest video featuring some of our most recent DIY trips in Costa Rica. We are starting to get the hang of how to best locate fish around the rocky tips of the some of the beaches. This type of fishing is challenging, but super rewarding when you do get a hookup. BigContinue reading “New Fly Fishing Video: Five Feet High And Rising”

“Top 7” Snook Flies For This Season and How To Tie Them

List of the top 7 flies that will get you hooked up on big snook this season!

Baby Tarpon and Backwater Snook on the Fly

During this trip I was able to sneak away and do some serious fishing around some backwater mangrove creeks and ponds. The night before heading out I checked the weather to find that there was not much to choose from. Rain was forcasted for most of the Central Florida area so I knew I was goingContinue reading “Baby Tarpon and Backwater Snook on the Fly”