Baby Tarpon and Backwater Snook on the Fly

During this trip I was able to sneak away and do some serious fishing around some backwater mangrove creeks and ponds. The night before heading out I checked the weather to find that there was not much to choose from. Rain was forcasted for most of the Central Florida area so I knew I was goingContinue reading “Baby Tarpon and Backwater Snook on the Fly”

Fly Fishing Baby Tarpon

Chasing baby tarpon with a fly rod is something every fisherman needs to experience. Coming tight with one of these lil guys is as explosive as it gets. Even though they don’t seem like much compare to the big boys, they will surprise any angler and push his or her skills. Finding these lil guysContinue reading “Fly Fishing Baby Tarpon”

Big Bass on the Fly

Every now and then I get the itch to snag up on a huge bass with my fly rod. Ok, fine, I always have that itch! However, I have been throwing my 7 wt at bass for over a year now and have yet to come tight on a big female bass. Thankfully that all changed aContinue reading “Big Bass on the Fly”