Redfish Bunny Slider: HD Fly Tying Video

Here is our 18th HD fly tying lesson. This time we are covering a fantastic fly for redfish and other inshore species like snook and seatrout. Be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for updates on fly tying videos and videos from our destination trips! We hoped you enjoyed the tying video. Give itContinue reading “Redfish Bunny Slider: HD Fly Tying Video”

Tying Video: Estaz Slider

This fly pattern is an excellent choice for redfish, snook, and sea trout. It uses a number of simple steps to complete and even features a 20 pound test titanium weed guard. Here is a step by step video of the tying process: This pattern, like most, can be altered in size and color toContinue reading “Tying Video: Estaz Slider”