More Big Bass Action

Lately fishing for me has been pretty patchy. With work situations pulling me off the water for the past 3 weeks I was ready to get out and rip some lips. So, a few nights back I hit up my little brother to see if he was down to go out and chase em… ObviouslyContinue reading “More Big Bass Action”

My Favorite Catches of 2014

I started this website a year ago in hopes to publish some of my fly fishing and outdoors pursuits. Having a great love for fish and a desire to capture my moments with them, I started off with absolutely no experience in photography, video, or editing. So the fact that I have made it thisContinue reading “My Favorite Catches of 2014”

Why I Love Fly Fishing

When asked what fly fishing means to me, I am often at a loss for words. I love to fly fish because I love the water, and I love the water because it is free, it is true, and it is honest. To be blunt, the water never lies to me. And because of thatContinue reading “Why I Love Fly Fishing”