“HD Photo” Fly Tying Tutorial: Ostrich Clouser Minnow

Here is our first attempt at producing a photo fly tying tutorial. I typically put together videos, but we figured we would try something new. Hope you enjoy! I hope you liked the tutorial. Feel free to check out our Youtube Channel to view our HD fly tying videos. Keep you hearts right, and your lines tight!Continue reading ““HD Photo” Fly Tying Tutorial: Ostrich Clouser Minnow”

Tying Video: “High Tie” Ostrich Clouser

When I first started fly fishing, the Clouser Minnow was one of the first flies that I began to tie. I caught my first bass, snook, and sea trout all on that same fly. Since then I have developed a few different variations of the traditional fly that I still use quite often. The firstContinue reading “Tying Video: “High Tie” Ostrich Clouser”