Trout Fishing Costa Rica: Palm Trees and Rainbows (VIDEO)

“Trout fishing in Costa Rica has been something that has grown closer and closer to me over the past 3.5 years in the jungle.” – Jesse Males Being able to take people trout fishing in Costa Rica is something that still blows me away. Seeing people’s reactions to rising fish in a place not necessarily knownContinue reading “Trout Fishing Costa Rica: Palm Trees and Rainbows (VIDEO)”

New Video: Funky Bass on the Fly

Here at Backwater Fly Fishing the largemouth bass is a go to species we target all year long. From retention ponds to backwater honey holes, this fish is always looking to munch on one of our flies. This video is all about chasing bass and having a great time doing it. The film includes footage from a recentContinue reading “New Video: Funky Bass on the Fly”

Tying Video: “High Tie” Ostrich Clouser

When I first started fly fishing, the Clouser Minnow was one of the first flies that I began to tie. I caught my first bass, snook, and sea trout all on that same fly. Since then I have developed a few different variations of the traditional fly that I still use quite often. The firstContinue reading “Tying Video: “High Tie” Ostrich Clouser”