My TOP 4 Best Tarpon Hooks: BACKWATER VLOG #26

What is the best hook for tarpon? What are your favorite tarpon hooks? What hooks are best for what tarpon flies? These are all questions that I get and questions I hope to answer in Episode 26 of the Backwater Vlog! Enjoy!

Tying Video: Tarpon Bunny

This fly is a great at getting fish to commit. The rabbit fur provides an insane amount of movent and life to the fly while the bulk creates a pretty killer push through the water. There are many popular colors for this fly, but this olive pattern is my favorite and seems to get the…

Amazing Underwater Tarpon Footage

This video needs no introduction. What you are about to see is some amazing footage of a half dozen tarpon swimming right up to a few swimmers. My brother, Capt. Casey Males provided me with the awesome images that made this post possible. Enjoy! Keep your hearts right, and your lines tight! Peace!