Fly Fishing For Trout In Costa Rica with 506 Outdoors

“Fly fishing for trout in Costa Rica is something every trout angler has to experience.” -Jesse Males Recently my good friend and fellow guide at 506 Outdoors, Micah Baly, got the opportunity to take a day off and go fly fishing for trout in some of our favorite streams here in Costa Rica. We targetedContinue reading “Fly Fishing For Trout In Costa Rica with 506 Outdoors”

Tico Trout in Costa Rica: A Short Film

I had originally told myself that I was not going to put these few clips into a short film. We had spent the day exploring new areas and were not really in ‘film making mode’. However, after having the experience of climbing up waterfalls and casting small dry flies to wild trout this small jungle creek,Continue reading “Tico Trout in Costa Rica: A Short Film”