Chasing Tails!

This spring has kicked off with some amazing time spent on the water. This video covers waters from Homosassa and Crystal River, FL. These areas have a lot to offer canoe and kayak fishermen. Whether you decide to chase bass and bluegill or head out to the salt to chase reds and snook: success isContinue reading “Chasing Tails!”

Cockroach Bay and Big Nasty Snook!

So I’ve known this kid for a long time. He calls himself, “Anthony” and lives in Tampa, Fl. We have been talking smack about getting together and heading out in the yaks to chase fish for a while now. FInally we made it out on the water last Monday. Unfortunately the weather gave us griefContinue reading “Cockroach Bay and Big Nasty Snook!”

My Favorite Catches of 2014

I started this website a year ago in hopes to publish some of my fly fishing and outdoors pursuits. Having a great love for fish and a desire to capture my moments with them, I started off with absolutely no experience in photography, video, or editing. So the fact that I have made it thisContinue reading “My Favorite Catches of 2014”