Fly Fishing Baby Tarpon

Chasing baby tarpon with a fly rod is something every fisherman needs to experience. Coming tight with one of these lil guys is as explosive as it gets. Even though they don’t seem like much compare to the big boys, they will surprise any angler and push his or her skills. Finding these lil guysContinue reading “Fly Fishing Baby Tarpon”

Chasing Tails!

This spring has kicked off with some amazing time spent on the water. This video covers waters from Homosassa and Crystal River, FL. These areas have a lot to offer canoe and kayak fishermen. Whether you decide to chase bass and bluegill or head out to the salt to chase reds and snook: success isContinue reading “Chasing Tails!”

Wyoming Backwater Fly Fishing

July 31st I woke up and found myself jumping on a plane from Orlando, Florida to Salt Lake City, Utah. Then I scored a sweet cup of coffee and a turkey burger, only to find myself hopping on a smaller flight from Salt Lake to Cody, Wyoming. When I landed in Cody, I had one thingContinue reading “Wyoming Backwater Fly Fishing”