“HD PHOTO” Fly Tying Tutorial: Black Death Tarpon Fly

Our HD Fly Tying Tutorial is designed to show you how to tie the Black Death Tarpon Fly. This is one of our favorite patterns for big tarpon.

Tying Video: Black Death Tarpon Fly

This particular fly follows a classic tarpon fly style and is composed entirely of 3 different types of feathers: marabou, schlappen, and saddle sackle. The contrast and movement of this fly is what triggers most of the strikes. In this video the fly that is tied is sized up for targeting tarpon in the 5-30Continue reading “Tying Video: Black Death Tarpon Fly”

Baby Tarpon Specials…What is your favorite, and why?

Over the past few years chasing baby tarpon on the fly has been a huge passion of mine.  From Mosquito Lagoon on the east coast of Florida to Crystal River on the west coast, Central Florida is packed with oportunities to chase these fish. Here are a few of my favorite fly patterns that IContinue reading “Baby Tarpon Specials…What is your favorite, and why?”