Quick Tarpon Fly For Next Season: BACKWATER VLOG #35

“Tarpon flies are a dime a dozen, but this lil dude packs a full punch!” – Jesse Males Tarpon flies come in all different shapes and sizes. In certain areas tarpon like big flies and in others they like small flies. This is a great fly that works naturally for small to mid sized fishContinue reading “Quick Tarpon Fly For Next Season: BACKWATER VLOG #35”

Tying Video: Tarpon Bunny

This fly is a great at getting fish to commit. The rabbit fur provides an insane amount of movent and life to the fly while the bulk creates a pretty killer push through the water. There are many popular colors for this fly, but this olive pattern is my favorite and seems to get theContinue reading “Tying Video: Tarpon Bunny”