Fly Fishing Retention Ponds for Largemouth Bass

During this fishing session we planned on shooting in a few locations that ended up being effected heavily by the recent hurricane. Due to some road closures we fished some retention ponds instead. We tested out the Walton Rods 4/5 and were very impressed with its action and feel while fighting the fish. Certainly aContinue reading “Fly Fishing Retention Ponds for Largemouth Bass”

Costa Rica: More Rainbow Bass and Machaca

Rainbow bass and machaca on the fly in the jungles of Costa Rica!

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If you are interested in some quality information that could help your chances of landing a trophy snook on the fly, check out our article “Cold Days on Florida’s Nature Coast” in the latest edition of “The Fisherman’s Journal”. See our article and other great information at: If you have not yet subscribed toContinue reading “Read our latest article in “The Fishermans Journal””