South Florida Peacock Bass

South Florida Peacock Bass are a blast to sight fish on fly!

With the countless locations in South Florida to target these fish, people no longer need to spend the money or time and head to South America in order to land one. Yes, the really Peacock Bass are not found in South Florida, however some fish in the 6-8lb range and even slight larger can be found.

Here is a nice fish my friend Micah landed recently while we were in SoFlo looking for peacocks!

fly fishing for peacock bass
Peacock Bass on the Fly, South Florida

Micah landed this fish on a #4 Purple Clouser minnow tied with bead chain eyes instead of lead. After spotting the fish it took a few different presentation methods to get him to strike, but one he did it was game over!

South Florida Peacock Bass
South Florida Peacock Bass

The good thing about this fish is that most of the areas they are in have some type of public access point. If not, you will most likely find out pretty quick. haha.

Keep your hearts right, and your lines tight!

Capt. Jesse Males