Jack Crevalle

“Catching this jack on the fly was one gnarly ride!” – Jesse Males

Unlike most fishermen, I have had to work for years to finally land a monster Jack on the fly. For some reason our paths never crossed until just recently. This was one hell of a time good time!

fly fishing jack crevalle
Fly Fishing Jack Crevalle

As I sat in a two man kayak watching my friend Daniel reel in his first yellowfin tuna on fly here in Costa Rica, I noticed a massive school of hundreds of huge jack cruising all around us. With the crystal blue water going down hundreds of feet, the school of fish stood out like a sore thumb. As soon as we landed his tuna and got the rod free again, I cast the fly out and BAM!!! FISH ON!

fly fishing jack crevalle
Fly Fishing Jack Crevalle

This jack had me in my backing in about a second or less and dragged us around in our 13ft kayak with ease.When all was said and done, this big jack came to the boat and made me one happy fly angler!

The pacific coast of Costa Rica isn’t the only coast with big Jacks. My good friend and fellow guide at www.506outdoors.com, Micah Baly, landed this monster on the caribbean coast while tarpon fishing!

fly fishing jack crevalle
fly fishing jack crevalle

Remember, whether you land a fish of a lifetime or not…keep your heart right, and your line tight!

Jesse Males

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