“Top 4” Redfish Flies

Fly fishing is about growth. Not just as an angler, but also as a person. It follows you along in your travels, and camps out with you when you decide to plant your roots. Every fish has its challenge and every fish has something new to teach you. So far, by chasing redfish on theContinue reading ““Top 4” Redfish Flies”

Baby Tarpon Specials…What is your favorite, and why?

Over the past few years chasing baby tarpon on the fly has been a huge passion of mine.  From Mosquito Lagoon on the east coast of Florida to Crystal River on the west coast, Central Florida is packed with oportunities to chase these fish. Here are a few of my favorite fly patterns that IContinue reading “Baby Tarpon Specials…What is your favorite, and why?”


Moving to Costa Rica has had some major challenges. However, after over a month of living here we are happy to be settling down…finally! Waiting on my first child to be born has put a damper on the fishing as of right now. But here is a video of all the awesome things we have beenContinue reading “I AM LIVING IN COSTA RICA NOW!!!”