Everyone Should Know This 3 Minute Shrimp Fly! BACKWATER VLOG #39

“Bonefish flies are a super fun to tie and fish and this is a great one to throw into the mix for your next bonefishing trip!” – Jesse Males

When it comes to what makes a good bonefish shrimp fly it a depends heavily on where you are fishing, how deep the water is, current or no current, grass or sand bottom, rocky or muddy, etc. etc. etc…point is, there are many different factors that determine what fly you will fish in each situation you find yourself in. The Diamond Shrimp is one that can work just about anywhere!!!


This is a great fly pattern to tie when a small bodied fly is needed. The marabou gives some great action in the water while the rest of the body moves through the water quite seamlessly. A little flash is there to get there attention and then if that doesn’t work then you should probably just switch spots because the fish there obviously suck lol.

Diamond Shrimp: Bonefish Shrimp Fly

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Jesse Males