EZ Realistic Crab Fly Tying: Backwater VLOG #34

“Crab flies can often be complicated flies to tie, especially for beginners. However, this one is simple, uses rad materials, and can be tied by even the most novice of fly tyers.” – Jesse Males

Realistic crab flies can be extremely effective in many different situations but this fly is mainly used when you need to lead a fish quite some distance and have this fly resting on the bottom as the fish cruises over. This can work great particularly for redfish, permit, and bonefish.


This particular fly uses some interesting techniques as instead of mostly using thread to tie the materials to the hook shank, we are using glue and uv gel to get this done. I will admit, I find it a blast to color the crab claws, cut the furry foam, and trim the legs. Flies like this are great for beginners because you can get a better idea of all the different parts that are needed to produce a fly that accurately imitates the real thing.

Material List

  • Hook: Daiichi 2546 #2
  • Eye: Homemade Sparkle Eyes
  • Hotspot: Orange Flat Diamond Braid
  • Body: Furry Foam
  • Arms: Cohen’s Small Claws
  • Legs: Standard Ultra Chenille
  • Weight: Lead Eyes

Hopefully you enjoyed the video and have now a better understanding of how to create a realistic crab fly.

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Tight lines and happy tying!

Jesse Males