The REAL REASON I Make Fly Tying Videos: BACKWATER VLOG #32

“DUDE! Why do you spend so much time making fly tying videos? This is a questions that I get asked all the time and now I am finally going to give a full answer in this episode of the Backwater Vlog!” – Jesse Males

When I first started tying flies I found that most of the videos that were available online were long and boring to watch. So when I started making my own videos I sought to help alleviate the time aspect and up the production value of the current videos at the time. This was just part of why I started making videos! To find out the real reason watch the video below!

As you can see fly tying videos can help me teach other people new patterns but it also is a way for me to share my passions for the sport of fly fishing with other like-minded people. Thanks to platforms like youtube, instagram, and facebook I can easily share new ideas, patterns, and fishing videos with plenty of other people that are interested as well.

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Tight lines!

Jesse Males