EZ Black Drum Fly: BACKWATER VLOG #30

“When fishing for black drum we all end up scratching our heads wondering why they just swam right over our fly…well…perhaps this fly can help.” – Jesse Males

This EZ Black Drum Fly may very well be your answer to these stubborn fish. Keep in mind that black drum are often extremely picky when it comes to eating flies, so obviously this video comes with a small disclaimer as only a fly soaked in crab juice will work 100% of the time. hahaha.


While this fly is primarily tied with black drum in mind it also is perfect for redfish and other species as well. You can tie this fly in tan/orange, brown/gold, olive/chartreuse/ and plenty other awesome color combinations to drive fish crazy. Switching out the hook for a feshwater hook makes this a great smallmouth or largemouth bass fly as well.

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Tight lines!

Jesse Males