Fly Fishing Huge Trout in Costa Rica: Valle de la Trucha

“Fly fishing huge trout in Costa Rica is a task that will challenge even then most seasoned of anglers. These fish are rare and only live in certain parts of a few river systems. Landing one of these fish is a true trophy!” – Jesse Males

Costa Rica’s high mountains were introduced with two different rainbow trout some decades ago. Now we have a sustainable breeding population of fish that have combined genetics to create our very own tico trout!

While most of these fish stay between 8-14 inches, with a little luck and some perseverance you can find some fish of exceptional quality!

While dry fly fishing can be great during the heat of the day we typically find that the big fish are strictly caught using nymphs. Sure, every now and then you may get lucky, but when it comes to catching large fish on a frequent basis, nothing beats a good #16 nymph of any kind.

Unfortunately here in Costa Rica these big fish have it pretty rough. With local anglers often killing every fish that is caught, the big ones are few and far between. It is our hope that through videos like this and bringing tourism to many of these areas that they local population will understand that these fish are a valuable resource and can do more for their local economies than provide a quick meal. Time will tell how that process unfolds.

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Tight lines!

Jesse Males