Fly Fishing Machaca In Costa Rica: BACKWATER VLOG #29

“Fly fishing for machaca in Costa Rica is one of my favorite things to do! In this episode of the Backwater VLOG we go deep into the jungle exploring a new river for these toothy fish!” – Jesse Males

When fly fishing for machaca in Costa Rica you typically have to be ready to make 2000 casts per day. Cruising down the rivers slamming your fly on the water makes these fish go crazy and they often come flying out of the water trying to beat each other to the fly. This trip went extremely well and we landed tons of fish. While the rain was on and off we still managed to do a little filming and catch a few of these gnarly dudes on film! Check it out!


Costa Rica offers many different fly fishing opportunities but nothing compares to the machaca. They fight hard, only eat topwater, jump, run like crazy, and are pound for pound one of the strongest fish we have here. They typically live in remote stretches of water that are full of exotic birds, monkeys, and iguanas. Needless to say, this is a fish that every fly angler needs to experience.

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Tight lines!

Jesse Males