Best Place To Buy Fly Tying Materials!

“The best place to buy fly tying materials has been right under your nose this entire time!” – Jesse Males

Where do you buy fly tying materials? What is the best online place to by hackles? Do you ever buy fly tying materials on amazon? These are all questions that I get asked frequently from followers on both my Instagram and Facebook channels.

So, here is a video with my answer on where the best fly tying materials can be found! Check it out!


Now I know some of you guys saw that coming. Unfortunately I know how easy it is to jump online and simply look for the cheapest price of an item everywhere in the world from virtually any manufacturer. My advice is simply to keep those dollars moving in the industry and helping others keep their dreams of opening fly shops or retail stores in your local area alive.

Below are links to some of my favorite dealers if you indeed do need to purchase items online.

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Tight lines!

Jesse Males