My TOP 4 Best Tarpon Hooks: BACKWATER VLOG #26

“What is the best hook for tarpon? What are your favorite tarpon hooks? What hooks are best for what tarpon flies? These are all questions that I get and questions I hope to answer in Episode 26 of the Backwater Vlog! Enjoy!” – Jesse Males

When first getting into tying your own tarpon flies most people want to know what the best hook is for tarpon. While opinions vary on these questions greatly I don’t believe there is just one hook for all situations and all size tarpon. I think having a group of hooks that you have confidence with and that can be used in different fishing scenarios is the best way to tackle this question. So, here are my top 4 best tarpon hooks that I have used for years.


Hopefully you were able to follow along and see some of the different characteristics of these hooks and how they could work well in certain unique fishing scenarios. Tarpon fishing on fly covers a lot of different ways to fish for this species and the fly selection is virtually endless.

Like I said above, my advice is to find a few hooks that you can have confidence tying your favorite patterns on. Nothing is worse that casting at a fish and not being confident that your gear is going to do the job.

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Tight lines and happy tying!

Jesse Males