Rattle Buster Baitfish Streamer Fly: BACKWATER VLOG #25

“The Rattle Buster Baitfish is a rattling streamer fly that pushes a ton of water and makes sure the fish knows exactly where the fly is at all times…OH…AND FISH DIG IT!” – Jesse Males

Rattle flies have had their place in them fly tying and fly fishing world for some time now. When ever the water is dark or even if there is just a lot of current and noise in the water, a rattle and a hefty fly is often enough to get big fish to bite!


If you have yet to tie a fly using blank shanks or rattles then this fly may be a bit of a challenge for you to whip up at first. However, these are great tools that we can use as anglers to help get the upper hand during a day spent on the water.

rattle baitfish fly

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Thanks for watching and tight lines!

Jesse Males