A Day of Rainbow Trout Fishing in Costa Rica

“Trout fishing in Costa Rica is something every trout fisherman needs to experience.” – Jesse Males

When most people think of trout fishing the last destination on their mind is likely to be Costa Rica. After all, trout fishing in the tropics isn’t something that most people know exists. However, there are plenty of small rivers and creeks finding beneath the jungle canopy that offer adventurous anglers the chance to catch beautiful rainbow trout.

As you can see from he video these fish can be great fun on a 2-3wt fly rod. Trout were original introduced into a few river systems decades ago and have since inter-mixed to create our very own subspecies of rainbow trout right here in Costa Rica.

Trout fishing is a great way to escape the beach life or business of San Jose for a few days during your stay in Costa Rica. To learn more be sure to visit my guiding website, www.506outdoors.com or shoot us an email at info@506outdoors.com.

I hope you enjoyed the video and the photos! Until next time!

Jesse Males