Spawn Fly Head Articulated Streamer: BACKWATER VLOG EPISODE 20

“Spawn Fly Heads have been making waves in the fly tying industry for sometime now and here at Backwater Fly Fishing we are still loving them as much as ever!” – Jesse Males

Fly tying with the Spawn Fly Heads couldn’t be easier. They are a fantastic way to finish off a fly and give a hint of realism and profile to just about any baitfish pattern you can think of.

Here is a new fly tying video using a the Spawn Fly Head to cap off a gnarly articulated streamer pattern.

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As you can see the Spawn Fly Head is simple to add to most flies and fit a large variety of hook sizes. You can learn more about this killer product and make purchases at

spawn fly fish head fly tying tutorial
Spawn Fly Head Articulated Streamer

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Tight lines!

Jesse Males