SANCHO VIDA Fly Fishing The Green River, WY

“Fly fishing the green river in Wyoming is an experience that humbles the most seasoned of fly anglers. Sancho Vida takes a look at just how epic streamer fishing this famous river can be when the fish cooperate!” – Jesse Males

Wyoming’s green river is a place that most anglers will get chewed up and spit out. The fish are educated, rude, and most importantly BIG!

This is a big river and the grass, rocks, and ledges make for an interesting fishing experience. I recently had the pleasure of getting out there on a mini road trip with my good friend and fishing guide, Donicio Gomez.

Don is one of those dudes that has FISH written all over him. He literally wakes up thinking about fish and goes to bed dreaming about them. I actually first met Don in Costa Rica at Tarponville Fishing lodge during a fishing tournament. As the years past social media helped keep us in touch until I found myself in Wyoming filming a pronghorn antelope hunt for a client. After the hunt I had a few days to kill so Don decided the best way for me to spend it was casting big streamers to hungry fish on the green.

This is where Sancho comes in. Sancho is work horse of a van that Don picked up from some crazy animal collector. It is beat up, smells like hell, but most importantly it is EPIC!

Despite its shortcomings it got us to and from the river and allowed us to have one of the most epic fishing sessions on the green river EVER! We caught browns, rainbows, cutties, and whitefish all on a special streamer pattern I call The 1st Gen!

Hope you dig the video and if you have any thoughts of fly fishing the green river in Wyoming, be sure to reach out to my dude Don through Roundrocks Flyfishing.

Tight lines!

Jesse Males