“When it comes to bass fishing, nothing beats the explosion a big largemouth can make on a popper! This topwater frog popper fly can help make that a reality! ” – Jesse Males

Topwater bass flies come in all shapes and sizes. This particular one sits on a 1/0 BGC from Kona Fishing, features the Medium Double Barrel Popper from the dudes at Flymenfishingco and is rounded off by Cohen’s medium frog legs. While this frog popper fly may look like a tough tie, don’t be discouraged. Lets take a walk through this fly one step at a time!


As you can see the while there are tons of steps to this topwater frog popper fly , they are all quite simple. Bass and other predatory fish that eat frogs will have no problem slamming this thing after a few pops. I like to cast the fly, give it a “pop-pop-pop….pause…pop-pop…pause…BOOM!”.

frog popper fly

Most of the time fish hit this fly while it is sitting still. The realistic profile of the body, legs, and arms makes this fly all too good for a hungry fish to pass up. Whether you are fishing lakes, rivers, or streams, be sure to give this frog popper fly a try.

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Jesse Males 

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