TUNA TIME Kayak Fishing in Costa Rica (VIDEO)

“Kayak fishing in Costa Rica can provide some of the most intense scenarios for kayak fishing anywhere on the planet.” – Jesse Males

In the last 3.5 years kayak fishing in Costa Rica have been blessed to locate some fantastic fishing opportunities for all kinds of great sport fish.

With remote beach camping being the primary way we like to explore the country we have the luxury to fish multiple days in a row in each location and really see what these remote fishing destinations have to offer.


As you can see in the video, you never know what is going to hit your line when kayak fishing in Costa Rica. With plenty of tuna, jacks, mahi, and the occasional roosterfish and mackerel around, every cast is a new chance to land a fish of a lifetime.

costa rica kayak fishing tours
Costa Rica Kayak Fishing Tours 

Having access to great fishing locations like this is a real blessing; however, being able to share them with friends and family is where everything begins to shine.

My brother, Casey Males (holding the mahi in the photo above), and friends, Matt Lentz and Laura Ruettiman were able to join Micah and I on this trip and got a first-hand look at how awesome Costa Rica’s remote beaches can be.

kayak fishing in costa rica
Matt Lentz with a healthy Jack!

Believe it or not, kayak fishing in Costa Rica isn’t all sunshine and daisies, in fact, it can be very hard work. Wind and ocean currents can often make for an exhausting day on the water. However, one thing is certain, I have never caught a fish while sitting on the couch. SO….getting out there and toughing it out is the only way to get it done! Laying down by the beach at night after a long day on the water is a sure way to get a good nights sleep!

beach camping costa rica
Beach Camping Costa Rica

If a remote beach camping trip like this sounds like something you are interested in then please visit my guiding website, www.506outdoors.com. Here you will find information on Machaca Fishing, Trout Fishing, Kayak Fishing, and overnight beach camping trips right here in beautiful Costa Rica.

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Tight lines,

Jesse Males 

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