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“RIO MACHACA is a new video I put together with my good friend Micah Baly showcasing the epicness of fly fishing for machaca via SUP boards as well as the effort it took learning a new species!” Jesse Males

Machaca fishing in Costa Rica is something that every fly angler needs to experience. It is action packed and puts your angling skills to the test. While most machaca fishing is done via raft, we chose the boat inflatables because they are portable and allow us to access places other anglers can’t. 

As a rule, the machaca eats just about everything that falls into the water; however, where we fish they focus mainly on a fruit called a chilamate. We knew that doing everything we could to match the hatch would be our best bet at landing a true trophy machaca!


Being the first guys to actively target machaca on a SUP board is something that I find super rad. Fly fishing for a new species in such a unique way has made me appreciate the fish so much more.

With the average machaca in the 1-3 pound range it was my goal to land a true 6+ pound fish via paddle board. Thankfully I was blessed with a very nice fish that came at the perfect time while filming for the video.


Somehow the Machaca has flown very much under the radar of the international fly fishing community and we are hoping that through videos like this and other media that people begin to understand just how great of a game fish the machaca really is.

Machaca Fishing Costa Rica

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fly fishing machaca costa rica
Fly Fishing Machaca Costa Rica

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