Tying With Spawn Fly Fish Heads: Backwater Vlog Episode 12

“Tying with spawn fly fish heads gives the fly tyer a fantastically realistic way to finish off their baitfish pattern.” -Jesse Males

In Episode 12 of the Backwater Vlog we dive into a product that I have been wanting to get my hands on for some time now. Finally, here is an hd fly tying video showing you how to whip up a great little baitfish fly using the spawn fly fish heads.


As you can see tying with the spawn fly fish heads is an easy way to finish off the fly quickly and efficiently. With a wide range of colors and sizes these heads can work great for freshwater or saltwater and are fantastic for tube flies as well.

I can really see these heads working great on articulated trout patterns as well. There are really no limits. With both regular and sinking options available there should be a spawn fly fish head out there for every fly tyer.

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Tight lines,

Jesse Males


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