Three Pro Tips For Adding Flash To Your Fly: Backwater Vlog Episode Nine

“Fly tying pro tips are a dime a dozen, but in this next episode I will give you three absolutely free!” – Jesse Males

There are many scenarios where tying a fly with plenty of flash is beneficial. There is just one problem though. Sometimes the flashabou or krystal flash will get wrapped around the hook and most of the time the fish will not eat a fouled fly.

So, Episode Nine of the Backwater Vlog will show you three pro tying tips for adding flash to your fly without having to worry about it messing up during your cast.


As you can see these tips use a number of different materials to build the flash directly into the body. These pro tying tips can benefit both freshwater and saltwater flies and work on just about any baitfish or shrimp pattern.

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Tight lines!

Jesse Males