Foxy Deceiver HD Fly Tying: Backwater Vlog Episode Six

“The Foxy Deceiver fly is a spin off from one of the best saltwater flies ever created, the Deceiver.” – Jesse Males

The Foxy Deceiver fly is very simple to tie and uses mostly natural materials to build the tail, body, and head of the fly. Since it is used mostly on larger saltwater fish I like to tie it on a 1/0 or 2/0 SL12.

Here is my hd fly tying video featured in Episode Four of the Backwater Vlog series.


Fly fishing and fly tying allow the angler/fly guy to be creative with how he ties and fishes his flies. On this pattern experimenting with color options that are going to best serve your fishing scenario is a must. While a the color pattern here is one of my favorites, be sure to whip some up in other colors as well!

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Tight lines!

Jesse Males