Fat Head Schminnow Fly: Backwater Vlog Episode Three

“The schminnow fly has long been a popular fly for snook and tarpon. Now, it just got an upgrade!” – Jesse Males

So most of us that fish saltwater have come across this schminnow fly. This is a great pattern mostly used for tarpon and snook. I have taken the original pattern and modified it with my “fat head” style.

This modification makes the fly float and dart across the surface of the water. Great for redfish, snook , and baby tarpon.

Here is my hd fly tying video featured in Episode Three of the Backwater Vlog series.


Like most saltwater flies this fly has no limits. Changing the hook or color scheme can make this a great fly for just about every predatory fish out there. Next time you need a topwater baitfish fly be sure to give the Fat Head Schminnow fly a go!

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Tight lines!

Jesse Males