Trout Fishing Costa Rica Should Be On Your Bucket list!

trout fishing costa rica

“Trout Fishing Costa Rica has its challenges, and that is why I have made it my mission to seek out the best trout fishing waters this country has to offer!” – Jesse Males

When I first heard of the trout that lived in the high mountains in Costa Rica I couldn’t believe it. I had been thinking this entire time that Costa Rica was just a saltwater fisherman’s paradise, but that couldn’t have been farther from the truth.

One of the gems of the country’s freshwater fishing scene is the high mountain rainbow trout that inhabit plenty of hidden mountain streams.

These fish average from 8-10 inches but larger fish in the 15-20 inch range have been caught in certain areas. This made me even more eager to find out what streams are worth fishing and which ones are not.

trout fishing costa rica
Trout Fishing Costa Rica

With little more than google earth and some inside info from some locals I started my quest 2 years ago and am still learning more and more about hidden creeks teaming with beautiful little trout.

If you are heading to Costa Rica and want to run around in the jungle with me, be sure to visit my guiding website, to learn more about the trips that I offer. From machaca rafting trips, to pacific coast kayak fishing and high mountain trout fishing, I am sure we can find a trip that will be perfect for you and your group.

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Jesse Males 

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