Fly Fishing Laguna de Hule, Costa Rica IS EPIC!

“Fly fishing Laguna Hule is certainly a place full of challenges to the angler, but that didn’t stop us from giving it our best shot!” – Jesse Males

When it comes to fishing Laguna Hule it helps to remember one thing…getting there isn’t as easy as it looks! The road leading to the rim of the crater isn’t the issue, the hard part is hitting the 2 kilometer road down the edge to the shore of the lake. To say this lake is 4×4 only is and understatement. Unless your have a severely lifted vehicle, even some 4×4’s shouldn’t attempt it.

Below is a quick video I made from a recent trip as we hiked our inflatable HD Bote boards down the 4×4 trail to the lake for a day of fly fishing Laguna Hule!

As we made our way to the edge of the crater it became evident just how gnarly Laguna Hule really was. Knowing there was only one way down and one way up, we loaded up our gear and hit the trail!

Once we made it down the trail to the lake we got out the boards and began inflating them as fast as possible in hopes to catch the early morning bite.

Fishing Laguna Hule Costa Rica
Fishing Laguna Hule Costa Rica
Fishing Laguna Hule Costa Rica
Fishing Laguna Hule Costa Rica

Getting out onto the lake after the hike down was full of anticipation. We had heard reports of large Gupapote Azul AKA rainbow bass as well as large Jaguar Guapote AKA Tigres being caught here. All we could do now was get out there and start casting around!

Fishing Laguna Hule with a fly rod is tough work especially since all we had was floating line for our fly rods. The lake is reportedly and impressive 75 meters deep in some areas. This allows for plenty of room for fish to hide. The edges of the lake was filled will vegetation and this is where we decided to focus most of our attention.

Fishing Laguna Hule Costa Rica
Jaguar Guapote, Fishing Laguna Hule Costa Rica

We found the edges of the lake to be full of small Guapote that were quick to charge a small white fly being jigged over the suspended grass clumps that were present. Despite the guapote I was also able to manage a small Mojarra. The colors on this fish were absolutely beautiful!

Fishing Laguna Hule Costa Rica
Mojarra, Fishing Laguna Hule Costa Rica

At the end of the day we were super stoked to have been able to make the hike down into the lake for a day of fishing. Our efforts were strongly rewarded with plenty of beautiful fish and one of the clearest days we can remember here in Costa Rica.

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I hope you enjoyed this post and video! Tight lines everyone!

Jesse Males


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